Конспект урока по английскому языку

Тема урока - «Города Великобритании»

 Цель урока: систематизировать знания обучащихся о Великобритании и её достопримечательностях.

 Задачи урока:

 1. Развивать быстроту чтения и умение находить нужную информацию.

 2. Воспитывать интерес к стране изучаемого языка  её истории и языку.

 Оборудование: карточки с информацией о городах + общая карта Великобритании, экран, ноутбук,  проектор.

 Ход урока:

 1. Организационный момент

- Good MORNING, students! I’m glad to see you today! We are going to have the unusual lesson. Look at the screen. What do you see? (students’ answers). You’re right! You see the cities of Great Britain and now you can name the theme of our lesson. What is the theme? Absolutely right! Our theme is “Cities of Great Britain”.

 2. Актуализация знаний

Studentls, what do you know about this country?

- The full name of Great Britain is ….. (the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.)

- Great Britain consists of 4 independent countries: ….  (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.)

- The capital of England is……..   ( London.)

- The capital of Scotland is………..  ( Edinburgh.)

- The capital of Wales is …..   (Cardiff.)

- The capital of Northern Ireland is ….  ( Belfast.)

 3. Целевая установка на урок

 Today you’ll know many interesting about very famous and not very famous cities and towns of the UK. You will work in pairs. Each pair has 2 cards. From your cards you must notice information to your activity-books. You must use the plan.

 4. Основная часть урока – выполнение задания

 Use the plan!!!

 1. where the city is located,

 2. who founded the city and when,

 3. what sights can be seen in the city.

 Do you understand me? Good!!! Let’s go. I give you 10 minutes.

 Студенты читают текст и записывают краткую информацию о городе по плану.

 - It’s time over. Are you ready? Who can start the first? Go to the blackboard! Thank you, seat down please. The  next go …. Thank you very much. It’s so interesting!!

 Студенты рассказывают о городах у доски.

 And now take your maps. On it you must notice names of cities you already read and heard about.

 Студенты работают с картой Великобритании, заполняют пропуски.

 Give me please your maps.

 5. Подведение итогов

 Today all of you have worked very well. I think that your marks are glad to you.

 6. Домашнее задание

 - Your home task for the next lesson is to write essay : What sity do you want to visit?